History of Shahid Motahari University

The Shahid Mutahari University was founded by Mirza Hossein Khan Sepahsalar in 6 AH based on the institution of  Waqf, and was completed after some time in 6 AH.

About the Founder: Haj Mirza Hossein Khan Sepahsalar was born in Qazvin in the late 6th century AH. His father, Mirza Nabi Khan, was a resident of the Qajar court and son of Abolghasem Khan of Mazandaran, who came to Qazvin and settled there, and his children were later identified as Qazvin. The eldest of the family, he completed his elementary education in Qazvin, went to Tehran's Dar al-Fonoun School, learned French and mathematical sciences, and was assigned to Mirza Baqir Malek Al-Kitab in the year 7 AH. He also was hired by the State Department. Mirza Hussein Khan studied with Mirza Jafar Khan Moshir al-Dawlah, one of the five expeditionary youths to London in the year AH, after which he went to France with his younger brother, Yahya. Mirza Hossein Khan Sepah Salar has been targeted by Mirza Taghi Khan Amir Kabir.